Back Pain

Back pain can be the result of heavy lifting, bending or twisting in a way that causes damage to the muscle, ligaments or joints of the back.

Chronic Headaches or Migraines?

Headaches are usually harmless but occasionally indicate more serious disease. Don’t let headaches hold you back, we can help ease the pain.

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Since 2008 Gippsland Osteopathy & Sports Medicine Centre has been providing the highest quality Osteopathic services to the Gippsland region, and getting athletes from all sports and codes back on track faster through expert diagnosis and treatment of their sports injuries.

Gippsland Osteopathy & Sports Medicine Centre guarantee that if after 30 days of treatment and following our recommended action plan*, that If you don’t feel less pain and, move more easily, we will refund 100% of your money**

* Recommended Action Plan including but not limited to: treatment plan or schedule, ice/heat, rest, exercises, stretches, postural and/or dietary advice

** Less health fund/Medicare rebates


Chronic Headache & Migraines

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

What We Treat

Osteopathy is an established recognised system of diagnosis and treatment, which lays its main emphasis on the structural and functional integrity of the body. It is distinctive by the fact that it recognises that much of the pain and disability we suffer stems from abnormalities in the function of the body structure as well as damage caused to it by disease.

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