Dr. Alyce Nicholls


Alyce is a recent graduate from Victoria University. She joins the team after completing her internship with us during the final semester of her Master’s degree.

Before studying Osteopathy, she completed a Bachelor of Arts and Science, majoring in Physiology and Psychology. She then completed an honours degree investigating the role of stress and adrenaline on the immune system. After working in medical research for several years, her passion for helping people with pain and chronic illness lead her to study osteopathy. 

She is passionate about helping people maintain the best possible quality of movement for their body. She uses a holistic approach that takes into account how things like work, sport, stress, illness and injury may impact your recovery. 

Alyce treats a wide range of conditions but enjoys helping to manage upper back, neck, headaches and jaw pain.

When she’s not treating patients, Alyce continues to work in a medical laboratory, and enjoys yoga, reading, hiking and travel.